The Clinton house lodging has been updated

003The Clinton house has redone its main lodging facility.  New floors,couches and TV.  Making this a warm and welcoming place to stay the night or weekend while enjoying the many opportunities that the Clinton house offers.

011New beds, bedding so you can be well rested for your busy day out hunting or shooting a round of clay.

013Bathrooms completely remolded

014upstairs remolded so you can host more friends during you visit with us

001Kitchen ready for use, we can cater your next meal or do it your self by popping some potatoes in the oven and some steaks on the grill and a beverage of choice and let the good times begin.


team building events

3 gun team building

The game of three gun is growing in popularity and is one of the fastest growing sports in the industry.  Here at the Clinton house we have devised a unique way to tie team building into a game of three gun and also leave with some basic on the move shooting techniques.  That could prove very valuable one day if ever needed in a emergence situation.


What is 3 gun?

3 gun is a sport that incorporate pistol, rifle and shot gun all into one game.  Often times you will start from a fixed position and advance forwards shooting targets with one of your fire arms the holster it and pull another and continue down the course until all ammo is spent or targets have been eliminated.  Scores come with time plus penalty.


How is this team building?

Simple every course can be shot many different ways and everyone is not as efficient with every gun.  So as your group is broke into teams they will have to strategize on what gun is most proficient and when to load when to shoot and what is the best route to take.  Each member is timed and the group as well will have a team time.


Sporting clays

This is also an option to play around with team building.   Usually we will set up everyone in a team of four and give them some basic instruction and let them shoot 100 targets per person to come back with a team score.  We typically pair the experience with the inexperience.  This is a great time for people who normally don’t know each other to get acquainted or for member of a team that work hand n hand to have some low stress time familiarizes themselves with each other.


Most typical shooting days start like this

8am breakfast biscuits and coffee

9am sporting clays

12 pm lunch pork chops red skin potatoes green beans

1pm 3gn

4 depart home by 5

3 gun match June 21 and 22


fun times at the Clinton House

3 gun match June 21 and 22

Freedom munitions memorial shoot

Open to public to come watch

Must bring your own golf cart or walk

Lunch on site (backyard burgers) cash only

Three gun club starting at Clinton house

  • 200 to join club
  • 75 if you are already a member of the Clinton house

What you get as a member

  • Once a month practice days
  • Full membership to Clinton house so you get discounts on clays and other events
  •  specialized training days
  • All steel provided
  • Bays are built
  • Long range flashers 300 to 800 yards
 email if you are interested

Shoot down high price bird hunts with the CLINTON HOUSE. 
  •  quality hunts, great terrain, great dogs, reasonably priced
bird dog
  • 3 man hunt 1/2 day 30 quail hunt 460  (~153 man)
  • 3 man hunt 1/2 day 50 quail hunt 660   (~220 man)
  • Great mix bag packages all day or 1/2 day call for details
  •  prebuy birds at 8.50 + tax up until oct 31 then 9.75 a bird must buy a 100 or more for these prices.

Time is getting near for Freedom munition 3 gun match


Here is a link regarding squadding for the June 21-22 Freedom Munitions Match being held in Clinton SC. Please remember that we may have to move folks around to balance out the squads but you will be notified IF that occurs. If you don’t have your PIN email me and I will move you to a squad…PROVIDED THERE IS ROOM!





The Match hotel for this event is:

12865 Hwy 56 North, Clinton, SC, US, 29325

  • Phone: (864) 833-1800
  • Fax: (864) 833-4559
Link to book your room




The carts will accommodate TWO people and a modest about of gear. The cost to rent a cart for the weekend is $100.00. REMEMBER IT IS ONLY NECESSARY FOR ONE OF THE TWO RIDERS TO RENT THE CART….It will be up to you to work out the cart fee split with your rider.

Because of minimal availability …. We will ONLY HAVE CART ON SITE FOR FOLKS THAT HAVE ORDERED THE AND PAID FOR THEM VIA THE BELOW LINK. Please  don’t show up at the match and expect to get a cart…the cart vendor will not have extras.

How to reserve and pay for the cart:

1)      Go to the bellow link and fill in the form

2)      Provide a good email because that is where the payment invoice will be sent

3)      Pay the invoice upon receiving it


Cart Sign Up Link;


Please ship to:

Clinton House Plantation

ATTN Freedom Munition Match


15171 Hwy 56 N

Clinton, SC  29325


Round Count

We anticipate approximately 110 rifle, 110 pistol, 100 shot, and 18 slugs for the match.  Course descriptions will not be released prior to the event.

Slings will not be required for this event.


This match will be conducted under the current 3Gun Nation Regional and Club Series Rules.


Just a friendly reminder that if for some reason you need to withdraw from the match IT must BE DONE BEFORE 6/2/14 to receive refund. That request must be done via email ONLY to

NO Facebook message, text or smoke signal.


As always, if you have any immediate questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


Charles Sole


Get you 3 guns out and get ready to play

The Clinton house has come out with a great deal for 3 gunners or 3 gunners to be.

We are rolling out a new club for 3 gunners.  This should be off the ground in the next couple months.  So if you are interested in shooting sports you should give me a email.  As a club member you will receive once a month practice/training day.  The use of Clinton House steel and bays.  Also the fellowship of other three gunners from our area.  Not to mention you will be a full member of the Clinton House so you can get the rest of our member discounts.  200 dollars to become a member (what a deal)




palmetto family

The Clinton house would like to welcome back the good guys at Palmetto Family orthodontics for a little shooting and fellowship

Where is one of the best counties around

photoNothing like coming to the Clinton house to shoot targets for half the day then lunch and off to play a round of golf 5 min down the road at Musgrove.  Come on down and let us be your playground for the day.  Clinton House is open to public Mon. — Sat. 9 to 5 for clays,  pistol, and rifle

turkey season update from the Clinton House

photo 2

Boom—Boom-booooom ———First two days of turkey season and a lot of birds being seen. Two nice birds harvested and the season looking to be a great one. Birds are gobbling early and then shutting up and moving in quietly. If i could give any advice for my area is don’t be to fast to move out of your blind the bird may be right over the hill heading your way.

we are still booking one spot opened up give me a call 864-316-1371