The Clinton House Staff



Mike began his outdoor journey many moons ago walking the hedgerows of the upstate looking for rabbits and quail with a BB Gun. He became accustomed to the trade and has since turned his hobby into a joyous career. Trading up to a small-bore scattergun he now walks the same hedgerows for you as one of our professional guides. You will enjoy stories of the good ole days as you search the fields for your next covey. Ask him how to bale hay or how much that cow weighs and you will be entertained with entertaining information that you will take with you for years to come.
Mike sn



Another Johnson who spent his time as a young man chasing the whistles of Bobwhite quail throughout the hedgerows of the upstate. Mike
left home and spent a few years at Clemson University where he gained a diploma that sits gracefully behind his desk. Although most of
his knowledge was picked up by listening to the above mentioned Mike Johnson Senior, he skillfully manages the plantation from the bottom
of the ponds to the top of the trees and everywhere in between. Rarely seen behind a desk, Mike can be found on a tractor, behind a microphone, or behind a broom – whichever is necessary at the time.
mike jr



This guy is not a Johnson. Although he is like family. Jordy is the power that keeps the wheels turning. Assistant Manager and master of all things mobile. Jordy helps keep the sporting clays flying, and the grass down below your ankles. He has been an integral part of The Clinton House staff for many years and continues to shine as a valuable asset. You can find him guiding a hunter to the biggest buck on the farm, cleaning birds after an upland bird hunt, or setting up for an event among other things that keep him constantly busy. If you need it done NOW, he is just a phone call away.



The Rose in her name shines through when you see her smiling face. Dawn is a magnet for happiness and customers looking to get out in the field when they visit the plantation. Dawn handles the day to day affairs from the inside out. She can usually be found in the office getting a shooter set up for a round of sporting clays, or signing them up for a hunt. If you don't see her there, have a seat in one of our cozy rockers on the porch and she will be right back. If you have a question about the farm or need help with lodging Dawn is well equipped to help you get what you need. Don't forget to ask her about memberships, she can explain the benefits of each and sign you up today.