Shooting at The Clinton House


If you haven’t shot sporting clays at the Clinton House Plantation, you’re missing out! We have multiple sporting clays courses and a FITASC parcours to accommodate shooters of all skill levels.

Bring your favorite shotgun or rent one of ours. We also rent golf carts, and if you want lunch, we can handle that too.

Plan your sporting clays round today!

sporting clays


Everyone needs a warmup before heading on course, and our 5-stand is conveniently located on the way, and offers a wide array of shooting opportunities. And if you’d rather skip the course to hang out with your friends to bust some clays right here, you can do that too.

Get your 5-stand fix right here at the Clinton House.

5 stand


Whether you’re sighting in your hunting rifle or just enjoy shooting, you can fling lead downrange at 100, 200, or 300 yard increments. With covered shooting stations, benches, and gun rests, you’ll stay comfortable as you pull the trigger.

Come shoot with us!



When you’re ready to put your rifle skills to the long-distance test, this range offers shooting options in 100-yard increments, all the way up to 1000 yards. You’ll shoot in comfort with our covered shooting stations, stable benches, and gun rests.

Make plans today to put your crosshairs on our 1000 yard target.

The Clinton House Plantation 1000 Yard Range


Nothing is more exhilarating than pulling the trigger, listening to the report of your rifle go silent….and then hearing the satisfying sound of your round dinging the target a full mile away. This is long-distance shooting at the extreme. 1776 yards of air and opportunity await you.

Give us a call and we’ll put you on the schedule today.



Whether you’re shooting your concealed carry weapon or practicing for the next competition, we have multiple bays with earthen barriers between each, with ranges up to 30 yards. Shoot here until pulling the trigger becomes second nature.

Schedule your trip to the pistol range today.

pistol range


Whether you’d like help with the basics or are looking for advanced instruction, our trained professionals will teach you all you need to know in a safe and responsible manner. Pistols, rifles, or shotguns — we handle it all.

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