Hunting at The Clinton House


It doesn’t get any better than watching a dog flush a covey of quail, shouldering your shotgun, and seeing feathers fly as you pull the trigger. That’s quail hunting at its finest, and whether you’re an experienced hunter or a beginner, you’ll find no better place to do it than our combination of open fields and southern pines.

We offer fully guided and self-guided hunts, in 1/2-day, 3/4-day, or full-day packages. Lodging and meals are also available. Spice up your hunt by adding in some chukar and/or pheasant. Combine your quail shoot with a deer or waterfowl hunt for an all-around outdoor adventure.

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Tower shoots provide fast-action and the most economical way to entertain a large group. And our tower shoots are full of over-the-top action that includes pheasant and lots of them. It’s some of the hardest and fastest going-away game you’ve ever tried to harvest. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the show as our highly-trained retrievers work the field finding all the downed game.

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Enjoy deer hunting from comfortable ladder or tripod stands overlooking our well-managed, 2000 acres of acorn hollows, pine thickets, huge open fields, or select cut timber. Some of our open field stands offer shots of up to 300 yards.  Trophy managed for the highest quality bucks around.  You are sure to catch a glimpse of a wide racked buck in your crosshairs.

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If you’re prepared to get down and dirty, we’ve got the most adrenaline-fueled hunts available. We hunt pigs with dogs and knives for an experience unlike any other. Listen for the dogs through the woods as they bay a hog, then move in to take care of business. This is hunting at its most primal.

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Hone your wing-shooting skills before the season, because our duck hunting is a frenzy of greenheads cupping in on your spread. Prepare to shoot from our comfortable blinds as a sky full of mallards dives into your decoys.

Blinds are leased by the season. Lease yours today.



With one of the largest flocks around, we offer the finest turkey hunting in South Carolina. We only accept a few hunters each year, reducing the hunting pressure and ensuring our clients will experience the thunderous gobbling and awesome strutting of mature gobblers that only exist on well-managed herds.

These are our most prestigious hunts. Book one of our available single or multiple day hunts today.



Grey Rockets as they are called can evade even the most accurate wingshooter. Come test your skills while you enjoy a field loaded with fast-flying doves. Plenty of action and good company await your visit. Call ahead and register for a scheduled hunt.

Clinton House Dove Hunting


Cast a Texas-rigged worm for some huge largemouth bass, soak a nightcrawler on the bottom for catfish, or watch that bobber disappear as a bream takes your cricket or a crappie swallows your minnow. For many of our clients, fishing in our six well-stocked ponds adds that extra something special to their hunting trip. To others, it’s their sole reason for coming to the Clinton House.

Sharpen your hooks and call us today for a fishing trip you won’t forget.