Quail hunts for the individual man and the corporate groups. We promise our professional guides and dogs will make you wow in amazement. The hunts can be tailored to your experience or capability level. Wide open easy walking fields or for a sportier hunt try our southern pines. You remember hunting with your father and want to relive childhood dreams give us a call we can make it happen.

Hunts can be non-guided or guided and start at 8:30 and 1:30. Also, hunt packages can be customized with high flying chuckar and pheasant which is an experience like no other. Full day hunts available with lunch and lodging if desired. Other customized packages are available at request such as upland and deer, or upland and waterfowl. Just give us a call and let us develop your next lasting memory at the Clinton House.

Prices are per party 3 people (priced per party) 

½ Day Hunts (Guided)         quail =Q     pheasant = P    chucker = C

30 quail        $515

40 quail        $615

50 quail        $715

Gold  50 quail –9 chukar– 9 pheasant   $1075

Silver 40 quail–3 chukar–3 pheasant     $735

Bronze 30 quail –3 chukar–3 pheasant   $635

marksman special    30 chukar  $599

The good deal  10 quail–20 chukar –10 pheasant  $835

Full Day with Lunch (All Guided)

75 quail   $1000

100 quail  $1300

Full Day Hunt (Guided) (add 50 for meals)

The Cackler          100 quail–25 chukar–25 pheasant  $2300

The Adventure      100 quail–50 chukar          $1850

The Rise                 75 quail–20 chukar–10 pheasant    $1600

Hunting & Lesson

30 quail + 200 clays + Instructor   $655

20 chukar + 200 clays + Instuctor $605

Extra Clays: .35 a clay

Extra Instruction: $100 per hour for the group

Flushing Dogs (Guided)

30 pheasant  $895

50 chukar   $900

Extra Quail:  $12 or market price

Chukar:       $15.00

Pheasant:      $25

Cleaning included in all above packages and guide and dog

Self Guided Hunts

Quail $12.00

Chukar $15

Pheasant $25

Pre-buy Birds (ends Oct. 31)


Must buy a 100 birds or more

Set the birds out: $30

Cleaning Birds: $1 a quail

1.25 chukar

1.50 pheasant

Jordy Perez making sure that all is clear

Jordy Perez making sure that all is clear