“Action-packed”, “fast-flying”, “over the top” are all understatements for a Clinton House Plantation tower shoot. Fifteen to thirty of your friends or clients on the shoot. There is no other way to entertain a large group people at a more economical rate. This event can be used as entertainment or as a fundraiser.

Hen House

Take your closest 15 friends or corporate clients on the best dove shoot of their life: a hen house shoot or a reverse tower shoot. Where a mix bag of Chuckar, Pheasant, and Quail are released for some of the hardest and fastest going away game you have ever tried to harvest. Minimum of 4 to 12 people.

As a special treat during either of these hunts, watch highly trained retrievers work the fields over to find all of your downed game.

Tower Shoot Rates

100 birds: $2500

200 birds: $5000

Hen House Rates

100 quail: $1250

60 quail 30 chuckar: $1250