Charity Function in Conjunction with Sporting Clays or Hunts

•         $1000 per day

The Clinton House reserves the right to move the charity event to another building of adequate size for the day or duration of the event.

All multi-day event rentals will receive 15% discount off of total rental bill. This does not include any food, drinks, personnel, sporting clays, carts, hunts, or lodging.

All chairs and table are included in rental price and will be divided up accordingly to the percent of the building you rent. 200 chairs (1/3 or 66) 25 tables (1/3 or 8)

Kitchen prep area will be shared among caters or staff of the event evenly. Single rented wings (right side only) will be able to work in kitchen prep area but must use only exterior doors along kitchen and up right side of building.

 Charity Tournaments

Building Rental                           $1000

Carts (clt)                                   $12 per seat

Carts (out side rental)                  $60 per cart

RD 100 Plus                                .35 for every target thrown

10 Shot Warm-Up                        .35 for every target thrown

4 Boxes of Shells                             $51.20 or Market Price

Trappers                                      $ 65

Charity Fundraiser Raffle

We offer the following hunting or shooting packages for your organization, club, or school. The Clinton House will print and supply the tickets for your raffle. We give you tickets in groups of 100. You can set the ticket price and we will take $575 when you sell your tickets.

Example: 100 tickets @ $20.00 each = $2000.00

-1-      575.00

$1475.00 Profit For Your Cause

Fundraising Options

Hunt Raffle Packages:

I. 3 person quail hunt includes 30 quail, 3 pheasants, and 3 chukar, guide, dog, and cooler bag.

II. 3 person 1 day deer hunt includes a morning and afternoon deer hunt.

III. 12 person sporting clays outing can be used for a full corporate outing of 12, or split into 3 4-person outings. This package includes 100 targets per person and cart rental. *Please Note:  Not valid for any registered shoot or fun shoot.

Charity Event Mock Setup (Times Can Be Changed To Fit Your Schedule)

11:30AM – 12:30PM  Registration

12:30PM – 1:30PM     Lunch

1:30PM – 1:45PM       Safety Briefing & Announcements

1:45PM – 5:00PM       Shooter on Course

5:00PM – 6:00PM       Cocktails & Bragging

6:00PM – 8:00PM       Dinner & Auction (Silent & Live)

Note: If run correctly, these events can net you between $100 – $50,000 depending on group and leadership.