If you like to deer hunt or you’re looking to put your client on the best South Carolina deer, then we are the place. The Clinton House is the hottest hole in SC for deer. Managed herd, proper mineral, and good year round food; everything that promotes growth and horn maturity.

The Clinton House is 2000 acres in the Piedmont of South Carolina. We offer one day or multi-day hunts. You will be able to sit in comfortable ladder or tri-pod stand over-looking acorn hollows, pine thickets, or select cut timber. For you hunters who like to air a round out, there are huge open fields where 600 yards is no problem.

Deer Hunts

$200 one buck and one doe tag hunt any combination of day (morning-morning) (morning-afternoon) (afternoon-afternoon)

$150 doe tags tag hunt any combination of day (morning-morning) (morning-afternoon) (afternoon-afternoon)  state law one doe per day

3 Day Deer Hunt

3 doe tags one buck tag the buck must be 8 points outside the ears

Also includes lodging (3)  (4 total tags)