SC Concealed Weapon Permit


  • Purpose of Course- To qualify for a South Carolina concealed weapon carry permit. During the course, the range of legal aspects of carrying and using a handgun will be covered, the laws governing the use of lethal force, as well as safety, techniques, ammunition choices and ways to carry.
  • Prerequisites- None.
  • Age Requirements- 21 (can be 36 months younger, if accompanied by guardian, but application cannot be submitted until age 21, and must submitted within 3 years of course completion)
  • Time- approximately 8 hours.
  • Equipment Needed- A handgun, with at least 50 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, standard hip holster and belt, valid SC Drivers License with current address on front.
  • Activities Involved- A state mandated class session to cover basic gun safety and handling, SC laws pertaining to carrying a firearm and legal use of force, storage, and much more. There is also a written test and a shooting test. We will also take your finger prints and mail the completed applications for you.
  • Maximum Enrollment- 20
  • Cost- $135 (Note: this covers all expenses, including the $50 state fee, fingerprinting, and certified letter mailing of the applications)

If You are interested in this class. Please contact

Mike Sexton (864)979-7464