Basic Handgun Marksmanship and Safety

Instructors: Mike Sexton

Class Date: Contact the instructor

Prerequisite: None

Cost & Duration: $80.00 tuition fee (minimum of 4 students) which includes 4 hours of instruction.

This course may be the most exciting and useful class you’ll ever take.  The class is especially suited for men and women who are new to firearms or want an increased knowledge of handgun marksmanship. It is also very informative to experienced shooters as well. This introductory course provides hands-on training to develop safe firearm handling skills and the basic fundamentals of marksmanship. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase their skill level with their handgun. The following topics will be discussed during the course:

• Handgun Safety
• Fundamentals of Marksmanship
• Draw & Holster Selection
• Malfunctions & Reloading
• Informed Handgun Selection
• Proper Care and Cleaning
• Basic Handgun Storage
• Legal Responsibilities

Ammunition Requirements: 50 rounds of pistol ammunition.

Equipment List: Pistol, 50 rounds of ammo, eye protection, ear protection.

If you are interested in attending this class,

Please Contact:

Mike Sexton  (864)979-7464