Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship Development & Training                                                                                                                                                                    IMG_0917

Instructors: Mike Sexton

Class Date: Contact the instructor

Class Time: 8 hours minimum full day and 4 hours minimum half day

Cost:  $250.00 full day, $125 Half day

Location : Clinton House

This course is designed to teach advanced applications of accuracy and pistol handling skills. It emphasizes surgical marksmanship and the mastering of basic skills. It gives the shooter the skills, training, mindset and methodology necessary to maintain a high level of handgun proficiency. The following areas are discussed during the course:
– Safety
– Fundamentals of pistol marksmanship
– Malfunctions
– The draw and proper presentation to the target
– Shooting positions
– Multiple shots
– Multiple targets
– Set-up and shooting on the move
– Shooting from barricades & covered positions
– Training methodology and drills

Ammo Requirements: 400 rounds of pistol ammunition.

Training Schedule: Show time is 7:30am with instruction starting at 8am and ending at 5pm.

Individual equipment:
– Pistol with 3 magazines and loader
– Belt with holster and magazine pouches
– Knee and Elbow pads (optional)
– Rain or inclement weather gear
– Eye and Ear protection (clear and shaded lens are recommended)
– Water / Snacks (we’ll take an hour lunch break around noon.)
– Hat
– Sun Screen
Prerequisite: (one of the following)
– Successful completion of a basic Pistol course or CCH permit

*** I recommend you wear comfortable shoes, long pants, and bring a short or long sleeve shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty. This is a shooter’s course, be prepared for brief lectures and allot of “trigger time”.***

If you are interested in attending this class,

Please Contact:

Mike Sexton  864-979-7464