Three Gun Competition Class

  • Purpose of Course: Designed by Pro 3 gun shooters Mike Sexton. This course will introduce the shooter to the basics of what is perhaps the most exciting and challenging shooting sport in existence. The skills and techniques used are much the same as covered in the Advanced Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun courses, with the addition of learning to use them in transition and conjunction. The student will be ready to enter competition in this demanding venue, and able to engage targets from point blank to extreme range with appropriate selection of the proper firearm. The course will excel the student in the equipment, courses of fire, and techniques involved in shooting 3 gun competitions. Among the subjects covered will be shooting while moving, shooting moving targets, shooting the rifle at both short and long range targets, combining speed and accuracy, shotgun reloading techniques, proper ammo, and assessing stages to determine the best response and strategies to complete the course of fire. This course will also assist the student in selecting the correct equipment to compete in major 3 gun matches.
  • Age Requirements: Any age but under 18 must be with a guardian
  • Prerequisites: Working knowledge of the firearms involved.
  • Time: 8 hours minimum for a all day and 4 hours minimum for half day.
  • Equipment Needed: Semi-Auto handgun minimum 9MM cal, minimum 2 spare magazines with carrying pouch, safe hip holster, 200 rounds of ammunition, magazine fed carbine, minimum 5.56 cal, minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition, minimum of two spare magazines (30 round recommended) , means or carrying those on your person. Ammo must not be steel core, armor piercing, tracer or incendiary. No slings will be needed. Magazine or tube fed shotgun that will hold at least 5 rounds, 100 rounds of #71/2 or smaller shot, some method of retaining extra shells on your person and reloading.
  • Activities Involved: Short class sessions followed by extensive intensive range sessions, involving both group and individual exercises.
  • Enrollment:  1 on 1 or group class
  • Cost: $250 all day course $125 half day course

If you are interested in attending this class.

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Mike Sexton